Sunday, July 02, 2006

We Ethiopians Are DIFFERENT!

First of all the intent of this and many other writings in
this blog (ethiomind) is just to unveil the age old question that boggles my mind every single day as I go through my life’s journey while living my mark behind.

Especially living overseas, due to economical reasons ONLY! (No matter how many do not admit it –), raising the very foundational identity questions meteyek is more and more relevant.

Beteley, these questions should knock at the internal door of our identity – what makes us different and what makes us similar.

I’m going to delve in to this one for a starter:

Many of us Ethiopians have a belief that “We are NOT black or African, we are NOT white, we are not ARAB, but we are DIFFERENT race”

Even though, the above statement magnifies our positioning of self ( maninetachi-nen in the site of the outside world (among the many African, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian races), the internal turmoil that we are going through is worst.

As it is not the intent of this blog to answer very philosophical questions and deliver solutions, I don’t claim to be a sociological expert. But, comments from experts are welcome.

Identity maninet is very important for human beings. Knowing who we are, where we came from and where we are going individually and communally is a key to have a successful existence.

But, to embrace an over inflated belief that declares “we are different, we are special, we have what the whole world needs, we are better than everybody who looks different from us, who speaks different from us and who thinks different from us” is WRONG and the source all sorts of identity crisis.

On top of the scenario, not having any thing to show ( except the blurry PAST) that we brag about guregn-net is a double shame.
I often find these arrogance attitude and empty flattery in many of my people, and long before I wrap up my judgmental remark, I find myself displaying the same manners that I hated the most.

So, the quest is not about some people le-loch sewoch only but also it is in my Ethiopian blood.

I am also fighting my own shadow that I observe floating everywhere over my “unawake Ethiopians”. It is imperative not to try to avoid it or fly from it or hide from it. Because, everywhere Ethiopians live, these perplexed identity questions dwell.

“We Ethiopians are different and special and we are better than every body!”

An inquiry mind wants to know, where did we attain these rootless ethnocentric ideologies? How does it become the most illusive concept of our identity? Maninet-achin!

NEXT: I will inquire the question internally, the “I’m better than you and better than all. Me and my family are the most talented, the most educated, the wealthiest of the society. Ohh, no I can do better than him, this is nothing, it is not his work, I went to blah blah private school or I was in blah blah sefer , ohh I don’t associate with habesha people, ohh in my sefer there is no black people even habesha…”

What I call the saga of the confused and lost Ethiopians in the wonder land …. I will question Individuals and societies that live every day under self comparison and negative “dog-eating-dog “non-cohesive existence- us Ethiopians.

Selam Qwou.