Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How do "Ethiopian's Think????"

Selam All,

The full intent of this blog is to question the very puzzle of our society. It is a universal truth that what goes in our mind or what we think eventually translates in to our actions dirgit.

I would like to ask and enquire and possibly trigger the same old questions in the tesatafiwoch mind.

It requires to be dead honest ewnetegna to have your say.

Topics included but not limited to :
- The Ethiopian Pride egna yeteleyen nen
- Egna-ena-genzeb keras belay nefas attitude
- The spirit of competition - Blind judgmental-ism ewer feraj-net
- I know it all, I know better than you do ke-ene belay yelem

Once again the intention of this blog is not to philosophize the idea but to have an educated conversation.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

meteyek yalebih, lemin abesha atiwedem??? ante ferenje mehoneh new?