Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missing Habesha Family & Friends

I run to the site refugee united while reading a newsletter from the blogcataloge effort and the theme for common blog platform is Bloggers Unite For Refugees. “A noble idea” was my initial feel. Then some how I felt ill! When dug deeper in to the site, the above link unfolded itself; where four of Ethiopian/Eritrean languages are represented.

Well it is cool that some thoughtful people prepared and funded a tool of sort. But, it is really sickening how bad, how severely we Habeshoch (Ethiopian, Eritrean …) are scattered on the face of the earth. Refugee!

I don’t fancy all the complex stats that a highly paid data cruncher from UN, USAID, ALMANAC… etc spits out every minute about the refugee profile. Millions of us live abroad mainly for economical reason, mainly because we are poor – although we pretend that we WERE NOT, mainly for betterment of our life span, our kids, our generation. That is alright, America was formed off of dreams and aspirations of refugees. (Mind you I’m wrapping immigrants to refugee’s bundle here).

But, is there an exodus of sort for us ‘scattered citizen’s of Ethiopia’, abandoned children of Africa?

I don’t know about you, but a dedication of sort, a rebuilding of the “mother land”, a sense of restoring and being restored, a sense of ownership, a sense of freedom from beggar attitude, a sense of freedom from slavery… is so vital for our sanity. It is way bigger and better to re-gather, recollect and restore the scattered seeds of Ethiopia, Africa…!