Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love Ethiopia! … Really? – Part I

I love Ethiopia! … Really?

“He loves his country best who strives to make it best” | Robert Green Ingersoll

Love is many things, at times it replaces feelings otherwise can’t be explained adequately. Recently, I read a Facebook page that has a description “I will die for Ethiopia”. And it became an inspiration to the many series of articles I would like to discuss about.

To die for a country is beyond the shallow definition of love! At the same time it is in order to mention that I have no intention to dissect and bisect the very raw definition of the word “love” – unless I find it relevant.

So, here it is. Do you love Ethiopia? When we say "we love Ethiopia" what do we try to communicate? Do we mean we love the people? Do we mean we love the land, the green-yellow-red flag? Do we like the positioning of our country in the face of the world? or is it about our historical heritage?

Many Ethiopians have a deep sense of patriotism that is mostly rooted on the foundational pillars build by our history. Yes we are proud that it is the only nation that had never been colonized! Yes we are a nation with thousands years of historical heritage! Yes we are a nation with an old and unique scripted language. Yes, we are … ! Yes, we are …! ….

Where is the love? Where is your love? I will end this introductory article with the quote I began from Robert Green “… He who strives to make his country best, he loves his country best …” do you really love Ethiopia?

to be continued.