Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ethiopian/African Poverty can be a state of mind!

For us human beings there is one element that we have control over, it is our ability to think what we choose to think. Whether we live under a strong hold, a dictator, a free world or under an impoverished state of life, we can think what we want.

As prosperity is primarily a state of mind, so are poverty and scarcity. Those who believe resources are limited and the gain of someone is a loss of another; then every inch of growth, every ounce of increase can be tied with a result of ripping off the other. Unfortunately those who uplift this weak notion of life as their norm, are either in dire poverty and live the gloom and doom or they are ripping off other people.

The fact that "Wealth is limited in once mind" is a concept that is very difficult to swallow. But, the journey begins in mind. I recall that we used to have a saying “nuro kalut mekaber yemokal”, a sad adaptation of “...the poor will get poorer...”.

But, I consciously decide to think along with the old saying “… elf silu elf yegegnal …”, yes think different and your life will be transformed forever. “..what the mind conceives, the mind perceives/achieves”. And with this fact, the lives of my people will be transformed; from poverty to prosperity, from scarcity and abundance.

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