Monday, March 12, 2007

So, the thing about ETHIOPIA being "left behind" - PART II

Being left behind, in many readers sight has an implication of
retardation or a sign of weak spirited or a sign of un-ability to cope with or even worse some might claim it being lazy.

The thing about Ethiopia is a bit different. From the angle I’m approaching my country’s alignment at the rear gate of the world civilization; the reason can be one or many of the above elements.

The first, and the most demeaning notion we Ethiopian’s have is our inability to see our ‘real’ stance.

We have many proverbs and sayings that imply a REAL overall growth is succeeded by a reflection of self. መጀመሪያ የዓይንህን ጉድፍ አውጣ! (first take out the Pillar from your eye.. before...)

But, we choose not to do an iota of self examining. As I had mentioned this fact repeatedly, I still find myself falling back to this reality. We need to stop pretending to be who “we are not” and accept who we are. Or be able to see where we stand.

Now, the real retard really is someone who ‘chooses’ to be blinded by a ‘false self exaltation’ that is blanketed by a history that neither he relates nor that might not even be true ( at least partially).

History is a great legacy to have in the package. He who doesn’t know where he came from or where he belongs is a confused may. But, a man who doesn’t know where he stands and where he is going is deluded- and that is worst!

So we, Ethiopian’s, decide which direction we are heading, as an individual or as a whole country. Towards the future or … rehearse the same old “empty pride of history” that doesn’t fill our stomach?????


Anonymous said...


some of us have a good sight infornt of us. and that is an always free ethiopia.

i don't know what you find to be wrong with that?

our history is so imporant for our identity

dagim anbabi said...

Good to see that you are back to blogging. Your argument is that there is a problem with how we see our selves and this is [in part?] the root of our problems. So how do you think we should see our selves?

Just like the person who commented above, I don't believe that our problem is our history. Previously in another post I commented "...Every other modern state developed proclaiming its greatness in history, defining each epoch as a chance to reclaim that greatness. We are lucky that we have a history that unites us, and that if properly used can guide us into finding ourselves. Attempts to deconstruct it are folly leading to what we see now. Our history and heritage has been one of self reliance, today that heritage is pushed aside. There is no sense of national direction...We are left behind despite our proud history, not because of it."

ethio-mind said...

I partially concur with both anonymous and dagim. But, you both touched a more deeper notion that I choose focus on at a later time.

See, the truth relevance of history is only if we are able to create the bridge that helps us ‘Ethiopian’s’ understand our root and forecast our future.

Looking back from tomorrow, the mark we are leaving today should be intertwined with a lesson from the past and our present engagement.
But, needless to say, while we are enchanting our past ‘glory’ we forgot to live today. Hence, we are only passive observers who are not able to connect the dots. As a result we are islands in the sight of the world.

So, if I am bold enough to accept my current stance and reflect in the past, then I might see the flickering light that paves the way to a ‘meaningful’ future.

Nunusha said...

Very interesting view,
I know we have to do sth about our situation. We Ethiopians are very proud people, and we should be. At the same time, I’m always ashamed of our image I see on the media.

Good job ethiomind, it should all start by asking having a real quest.