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Selam wud zegoch,

As I stated repeatedly in the past Blogs, it is not the intent of this blog ( ethio-mind) to place all Ethiopians under the same ‘category’. But, it is my personal assessment on what seems to be the most obscure contradiction that invaded most of ‘us’ Ethiopians. And by doing so, I am intended to question tiaque our very approach, our attitude and our view.

These days it is almost impossible to embrace very optimistic approach of Ethiopian politics, Ethiopian culture, Ethiopian survival, Ethiopian accomplishment,… in general Ethiopian existence with out getting a huge chastisement for not adhering to the ‘norm’ of following the crowd.

Even the so called ‘intellectuals’ seem to buy in to the idea of ‘my way or the high way..’ approach in solving the many complex issues we Ethiopian face inside and out of the country.

Individually, to take a good use of a given opportunity (especially for those of us who dwell in the western hemisphere), sometimes requires to be an outcast.

If you don’t do the same way a family member wants, the same way aparent wants, the same way the community wants, then it is a given that you will be judged, criticized and chastised.

As a society we seem to have a ‘simple’ solution to every problem we face, but we haven’t discovered a healing medicine to our SEVERE POVERTY. We seem to know all political formulas, but we still dwell in the propaganda of
‘if you don’t support THIS party or THAT party, you are a trader of Ethiopia’.
More and more I am struck to learn the so called ‘intellectuals and professionals’ per se are pretending to be they are the master of ALL solutions regarding Ethiopian individuals or the overall country.

They can’t avoid but falling in to promoting what the ‘yekolotemari’ blogger ‘wegesha’ called it Double Standard

If we have Ethiopian medical doctors, it is wonderful… we need lots of them to positively contribute to improve the lives of the so many Ethiopian’s. But, they can’t and should not pretend to know all the answers concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

If we have Ethiopian Economists, all power to them… Ethiopia’s need for a seasoned economist is unquestionable. But, they can’t and should not pretend to know all the answers concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

If we have Ethiopian Bankers, I’m proud of that too… each of us and Ethiopia needs their advice to learn how to play effectively in the financial world. But, they can’t and should not pretend to know all the answers concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

And then again if we have experienced psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor, it is a wonderful… thing! Their expertise can be utilized in the ever confusing world and family turmoil our society is going through.

They could use their profession to educate and empower the lives of so many of us Ethiopians who are struggling everyday to balance our life with our family, to fit in the ever changing world community and also to build a strong family; from which our society and our country will be build of.

But, they can’t and should not pretend to know ALL the answers concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

These and the so many professionals can play a significant role ( as shown by few Ethiopian role models). But, at the same time it is VERY SAD to hear and see some of these professionals grab a hold of an ideology that ‘if I am educated in these, then I should know better’ attitude and create contradiction to them selves.

Many of the recent political platforms can prove that, even though I’m impressed with their ‘well articulated’ writing ability, it is almost a shame to hear them pretend they are ‘the seasoned politicians, solution makers’ and ‘their way or the highway’. If you don’t follow this ideology, this political party, this opinion….then you are doomed.

Am I making a point that they can’t have a say in the other issues, wheather in politics or other socio economic issues –which can be different from their field of study? Of course NOT! But, when they pretend to know ALL the answers and to portray just that, creates an eerie feeling.

Many others adapt this narrow mentality, instead of learning the good out of these professionals. “My relative xx is this and that, there fore what ever he/she said should be right” is so dominative in the habesha world today.

Both ‘educated professionals’ and their view holders seem to interpret (take it qal beqal) the old saying "yetemare yigdelegn" , but they are not aware that they are a victim of their own ‘double standard’

Hence, I only label them ‘educated hypocrites – gibzoch’ . One major point I probably make is that I’m not passing judgment here. As I repeatedly had said it is not the intent of ethiomind to do just that. But to shine light up on issues that seem to prevail our society.

In conclusion, being an ‘educated’ person or being ‘professional’ is great! I preach it all the time; I perceive it all the time. But, after all by being educated what we have is information that others don’t have that somebody else has taught us. Intellectualism should lead us to be critical thinkers and should allow us to lead many others to see the light – the guiding light out of poverty, a light out of disparity.. a light that leads to a better governance, a light that leads to a better society … a light that is full of optimism.

We need ( Ethiopia needs) all kinds of guiding lights, be it seasoned politicians, doctors, economists, engineers, scientists, bankers, psychologists………. Etc etc…

I’m desperate to see an un-biased ‘educated’ coming out of these experts; I’m desperate to learn an optimistic approach of Ethiopia’s so many problems. Not an egg-headed individual who thinks that ‘he has’ all the answers for every problem we face individually or as a society.

I’m desperate to see a web site that will display an open mentality full of guiding lights, not a ‘political garbage’ that is based on the un-informed majority’s voice, not ‘another website’ about nothing but some hateful pessimistic ‘professional’ who pretends to solve all of our problems in one formula/prescription.

It is my guess the reason why many of us Ethiopians have this single view attitude towards everything – MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY-. May be we learned it from the 'other' individuals who are full of double standards?

It is my guess…. And then again I blog more about these and other issues..

So, hang on… write back

Selam Qwou.

Teyakiw (

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Anonymous said...

well, welll, well! this is one of the many thoughts i think of for long times. i am intersted in poltics of any kind but ethio poltics seems to turn me off. it seems hard to find critical voice who offer unique spin. i admire your take on this post.